About Us

Company Profile – Established 1985

Mission Statement

`To help the world’s people to achieve optimum wellness, and a wonderful sense of wellbeing, through lifestyle education initiatives and the widespread distribution of superior, natural, wholesome, organic and bio‑friendly foods and products that are reasonably priced, free of preservatives, free of chemical adulterants, and that have not been subjected to any deleterious form of processing.’


Nature’s Choice traces its roots back to 1985 when the company was founded as the retail arm of the Natural Health Foundation. The Foundation is a legally-constituted not-for profit organization dedicated to public health education. Since 1989 the company has operated as an independently registered Closed Corporation.

From humble beginnings, the company has experienced tremendous growth. Nature’s Choice is presently Africa’s largest and South Africa’s leading health food distributor – with over 500 outlets & stockists throughout South Africa, Africa, and a growing number of trading partners overseas.

The Future

Thanks primarily to company sponsored health education initiatives, and to increasing coverage of health issues in the media, products that once appealed to only the dedicated health enthusiast are now finding their rightful place in the kitchens of the population at large.

Growing awareness of health issues in South Africa and throughout the world will ensure that the health food industry experiences marked and sustained growth in the decades ahead. Industry analysts have long predicted that health foods will be one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry – worldwide. These predictions are now coming true.