Custard Powder

Category: Bio Friendly Products, Sundry Health Lines

Nature’s Choice, the specialist in fine food for people with specialized diets, has come up with yet another winner:  Custard Powder that is completely gluten-free, egg-free, tartrazine-free and unsweetened, yet full of the most delicious flavour.

Because it has no added sugar, you have a choice.  Perhaps you would like a delicious healthy low-calorie dessert with fresh fruit – sweeten the custard with xylitol, agave crystals or stevia (all available from Nature’s Choice) and a dash of vanilla.  For a low-GI sweetener, try nutrient-rich molasses or coconut sugar for a caramel-flavoured boost of slow-release energy.

Nature’s Choice Custard Powder will remind you of all those desserts that you loved, and that you can now enjoy again – even if you are on a specialized diet.

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