Agave Nectar & Crystals

Category: Sweeteners

Agave Nectar is similiar in consistency to honey but pours more easily, and dissolves readily in liquid.

Agave Nectar & Crystals contains minerals such as Iron, Calcuim, Potassuim and Magnesuim.

It’s composition is 95% Oligofructose and 5% Sucrose/Glucose, but this fructose is in its natural form (unlike high fructose corn syrup).

Agave Nectar & Crystals contains no harmful toxins such as sulphur dioxide or hydrochloric acid and is processed below 60 degrees C to protect the natural plant enzymes and pure flavour and is therefore raw.

Due to the low G.I. value, Agave Nectar & Crystals is safe for use as a sugar substitute by Diabetics and by persons with other related illnesses.

Agave Nectar will not crystallize, is high and stable in composition, and is easy to store due to it’s long shelf life (approximately two years).

Agave Nectar & Crystals is a moisture retainer and enhances product freshness in bread and baked goods due to it’s hygroscopic properties which act as humidifying agents, thus increasing the shelf life of such products.

Usage:  Agave Nectar & Crystals is “flavour neutral,” enhances but does not alter the natural flavours of coffee, tea, fruit beverages, baked goods, fresh fruits, fruit smoothies and protein drinks, salad dressings, jams and jellies, ice-cream, yoghurts, sugar-free sweets and cold drinks, and various other pre-prepared foods. This is in marked contrast to bee honey, syrup and other natural sugar substitutes. All of which alter the flavour of the products they sweeten.

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