Bio Friendly Products

Nature’s Choice carries a range of over 750 own-brand health food and health related products. We specialize¬†in natural foods – including¬†bio-friendly foods and products, and organic foods and products. Typically, this range is made up of foods that are unrefined (whole food), preservative-free foods that do not contain synthetic chemicals or additives.

Whenever we mill a product in-house, we only ever use a stone mill for, unlike hammer milling, stone milling preserves the integrity of the cells that make up the grain.

While the Nature’s Choice range is primarily aimed at the enlightened “health aware” consumer, and in some degree at the housewife at large, the company also produces a unique range of specialty products that cater to the needs of the gluten-intolerant, the dairy intolerant, the diabetic, and those who suffer from other dietary intolerances and sensitivities.

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