Gluten-Free Products

If you suffer from frequent headaches, nausea, bloating and digestive problems, you may be gluten intolerant. It’s not the end of the world though. Contrary to popular belief, gluten intolerance does not resign you to a boring, tasteless diet that cuts out all your favourite foods.


If you understand your allergy and know how to manage it correctly, you can make sure that you don’t have to give up bread, cake or even those delicious scones.


Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, as well as in barley, rye, oats, spelt, kamut and triticale. Gluten intolerance may be hereditary, but is also often associated with severe stress, trauma and chronic fatigue syndrome.


The best way to combat gluten intolerance is to cut out foods that contain gluten from your diet. In western culture, however, this can be challenging. Breads, pasta and other foods that contain gluten are dietary staples.


This is why Nature’s Choice recommends finding substitutes for your favourite foods rather than simply eliminating them from your diet. As gluten intolerance has become more widely recognised as a common food allergy, more gluten-free products have become available.  

For those who are gluten or wheat intolerant, Nature’s Choice has developed a comprehensive range of gluten-free food products including readymade treats, such as apricot and pecan biscotti, carob and almond biscotti, carob and coconut cookies, ginger snaps, trio of nuts cookies, tea biscuits, jumbo choc-chip cookies, buttermilk rusks, health nut and seed rusks, brown rice cakes, “choc”-coated brown rice cakes, “kreemy”-coated brown rice cakes, corn wafers and luxury granola.


Gluten-free pastas are also on offer, which are made from rice- and corn-flour and contain no artificial colourants or flavourings. Nature’s Choice gluten-free pastas include gnocchi shells, fusili, macaroni and fettuccine in a variety of flavours.


For those who enjoy fresh-baked breads, pizza and waffles, Nature’s Choice offers convenient pre-mixes, such as Crusty Four-Flour Bread, Dream Scones, Basic Muffin Mix and Carob-Chip Muffin Mixes, which are easy to use and as enjoyable as any conventional product on the market.


The company also offers a range of speciality gluten-free flours including Cake Flour, Crumpet & Pancake Flour, High Fiber Bread Flour, Pizza & Waffle Flour and Polenta Mealie Bread Mix.


Gluten-free flours, such as soy, sorghum and quinoa flour, are high in protein and make it possible to convert your favourite cake or bread recipe into a gluten-free alternative.

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