Sample Menus

In order to help you and yours to achieve optimum wellness, we have included sample menus for two weeks at the links alongside. Before using these menus and their recipes, we suggest that you first consider the following recommendations:

The Main Meal suggestions may be followed for lunch or for the evening meal – depending on your circumstances. You will enjoy improved vitality and better sleep, however, if you take lighter meals in the evenings. You may prefer to replace the light meal suggestion with just fresh fruit or with fresh fruit and wholewheat crackers.

While most people follow a three-meal a day plan, those who have sedentary occupations, and those who are wishing to lose weight, or who are struggling to recover their health, will derive great benefit from a two-meal a day plan. In such cases the breakfast and main meal menu should be used – taking breakfast at the normal time and the second meal at about 3.00pm. Wonderful results are often obtained on a two-meal a day plan.

For best health, we should always try and keep 5 hours between meals. (3-4 hours for digestion and 1-2 hours for the stomach to rest). Snacking in between meals is not recommended.

Water should be drunk freely, not earlier than three hours after each meal and not later than 30 minutes before each meal. By not taking liquids together with your meals, and thus diluting your digestive enzymes, you will experience a great improvement in your digestion and in the way you feel.

In all cases desserts are optional.

For extra roughage, add NC Molasses Bran and/or NC Digestive Bran to cereals and porridges. To boost nutrition, sprinkle a tablespoon of Milled NC Miracles or IncrEdibles over cereals or porridges.

Please see the two Menu Plans alongside.