Wholefood Recipes

We trust that our humble web offering will help you to improve the quality of your life and that of your family. For many long years we have worked at putting these natural food recipes on the web and, at last, here they are – with our thanks for your loyal support, and with the sincere wish that you will derive great benefit from living your life “Nature’s Way.”

A Comfortable Transition:

Before we go any further we would like to give you a few assurances as regards the natural food program that is included on this website.

a) On this program you will not be required to go without roast potatoes and chips, but we do give you a healthier method of preparing them.

b) The program does not require that you deny yourself the pleasure of a sweet, or a pudding, or a piece of cake now and then, but it teaches you how to convert your favourite refined food recipes, into healthy, easily digestible, natural foods – foods that are even more enjoyable than the unhealthy alternative.

c) Nobody is suggesting that you to go without ice cream, but we have given you a few better alternatives. And, of course, we have also suggested that you use such products in moderation.

d) On this program your meals will look much the same as they ever looked before, except that they will be made up of only natural ingredients – those ingredients that are easily digested, easily assimilated and that do not clog, constipate, or poison the system.

e) On this program, there is no need to start counting calories and you will not need any “scientific,” expensive, weight-loss powders or preparations. Neither will you have to weigh yourself every day. If you are overweight, right living will regulate your weight. If you are ill, right living will heal you.


Nature, by way of the sure rewards that come our way when we respect her, and by way of the sure discomfort that follows when we take her for granted, is ever seeking to get us to understand and to accept that . . .

The joy of feeling constantly healthy and happy, far outweighs the short-lived pleasure that comes from a moment of unwise indulgence.

In the hope that we can save our loyal Nature’s Choice supporters from suffering, the focus of this website is on education – to help the reader to understand . . .

¤ how to substitute healthy alternatives for the many harmful, fattening, system-clogging and chemicalized articles that are palmed off on us in the name of food today . . .

¤ how to use healthier cooking methods and healthier cookware . . .

¤ how to take the holistic view into account when striving for optimum health . . .

¤ how to bring our lives into harmony with Nature – even if we live in a flat in the heart of the city.


It is our firm belief that health reform should always be a progressive – step-by-step process. Failing which many will become discouraged. As such we do not suggest that you try and introduce too many substitutions at one time.

By now you will have noticed that we talk about substitutions – not about changes, and not about prohibitions – for true health reform only calls for the substitution of good foods and habits for bad foods and habits. In other words, you do not have to give up anything, you simply have to switch to using the better alternative – which will usually taste better anyway.

While the recipes herewith are aimed at those who are new to dietary reform – to help them to make the transition as seamless as possible – we trust that the veteran health reformer will know how to adapt these recipes to their specific needs.

Having been involved in the industry for decades, and having met all too many who tend to go to extremes, and having been called extremists ourselves on numerous occasions, we urge you to consider the article entitled – “On Fanaticism And Extremes.”

Wisdom and Tact:

Always bear in mind that your strong convictions might not be the convictions of the rest of your family, so please do not try and force anything on anyone. We have to meet everyone where they are, and we have to remember that peace and harmony in the family is as important as what we eat and how we live.

When introducing the family to a “natural food meal,” we suggest that you do not do this with any fanfare. The approach, “Tomorrow we are going without meat,” is forceful, and will only raise the hackles of some and make them all the more determined to have meat tomorrow.

Far better, therefore, to simply place your “natural food meal” on the table without any forewarning. A casual comment such as the following will lay a good foundation for the meal. “Oh, I found this recipe on the Internet and it sounded delicious – let me know what you think.” Then change the subject and allow the meal to speak for itself. That’s tact.

Remember, taste is all-important when it comes to healthful eating. If it tastes good, you are going to win their support – if it lacks taste you’ve lost them – probably for a long time.

While some are preaching that salt is harmful, the truth is that salt is necessary in the diet – and vital for good blood. While it is true that excessive salt is harmful, a meal without salt is usually extremely uninteresting, and hardly likely to win the family over to doing it the better way. So do use salt, and do put every effort into making the meal as tasty as possible – and you will have done your family a wonderful service.

Product Availability:

As mentioned elsewhere, the recipes herewith call mostly for readily available foods and health foods. If your local Nature’s Choice stockist does not carry a product that is called for in a recipe – be sure to ask him or her if they cannot carry that product in future. They should be only too happy to start carrying that product.

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Bon Appetite

We wish you a happy and a healthy future. If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

While we ourselves have tested most of the recipes, we invite you to point out any mistakes that you might come across.

Take Care and God bless you.

The Mandy Family And The Staff of Nature’s Choice