Any information included in this website, and/or any information that Nature’s Choice might disseminate in whatsoever format, is not intended as a substitute for the wise advice of a suitably qualified health practitioner. Should you be experiencing a symptom of illness, or you suspect that you might be in need of medical attention, we suggest that you consult a diet-oriented health professional.

Home remedies, while usually safe, are generally untested and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. Any symptom that persists or becomes worse should be attended to by a qualified, diet-oriented physician.

We believe that Nature alone possesses healing powers. All that we can do is to co-operate with nature by living and eating wisely, and by using appropriate treatments. If a health food or product helps to detoxify the system, or to boost vitality, or to promote homeostasis, or to balance the chemistry of the human system, or simply to provide a more bio-friendly alternative, it will obviously hasten and promote the recovery process, but all credit must be given to Nature, and to the miraculous, self-healing, self-regenerating, self-rejuvenating powers of the body. It is in this light that this website is published and that all Nature’s Choice products are supplied.

Any information supplied by Nature’s Choice, either via this website, or via any other medium, is either drawn from our own conclusions or it has been gleaned from sources that we deem to be reliable. Nevertheless, we can make no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information. As such, we invite the reader to consider the material supplied and to draw his or her own conclusions.

We repeat, in case of illness, a suitably qualified, diet-oriented health professional must be consulted.

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  1. Lameze Says:

    where can i get these products in the UK?? Used them while in SA and loved the range!

    Many thanks
    Lameze Stout