A Miracle Called You

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Let us take a journey back in time – to the beginning of your own journey through life – that journey which began in your mother’s womb . . .

Just four weeks after you were conceived, your brain could have been recognised, your heart and intestinal tract were being formed, your arms and legs were already visible as stumps, and your kidneys were already well developed – that is, after just 28 days.

By week five you were less than one centimeter long, your head was half the length of your body, and yet your heart had begun to pump.

By week six, nerve connections were linking up at the rate of 250,000 connections per minute – that is, no less than 360 MILLION nerve connections per day.

At this time your eyes and ears were already well formed, your mouth had taken shape, and your skeleton had begun to form. Yet, remarkably, you had been in existence for just 42 days.

By week seven your stomach was secreting digestive acid and your fingers and toes were well differentiated.

In less than two months, you had been transformed from a single cell into a fully functional human being?

How could this remarkable transition take place in just 60 days? What does this tell us about that original cell? What does this tell us about the Designer of that original cell? Was it a “simple” cell, as some are inclined to think of it? Clearly, there simply is no such thing as a simple human cell!

Today that original cell has replicated (sub-divided) itself into over 100 trillion cells. That’s right, today you are made up of over . . .

100,000,000,000,000 cells.

By some process unknown to science, certain of these cells were destined to become immune cells, others to become brain cells, others to become blood, lymph, tissue or nerve cells, others again combined to form the various organs of the body, each organ to serve its unique function in the various systems of the body.

These systems, in turn, are so interdependent that it is impossible for any system or group of systems to function without the others. Imagine the brain functioning without oxygen provided by the lungs. Imagine the muscles contracting without energy made available from food absorbed by the digestive tract. Imagine the transportation of energy to all the muscle cells without blood plasma and the circulatory system.

Ultimately, however, all of these systems work to provide for the needs of the body cells out of which they had their beginnings and from which they are composed. For example, the respiratory tract enables the body to obtain oxygen needed by all the cells. The digestive system provides the amino acids, glucose, and other raw materials needed by all the cells. And the kidneys, lungs, bowels and skin all work tirelessly to excrete the waste products produced by the cells during the process of energy production.

Residing in the nucleus of each of your cells is what is known as DNA. This is the code of your life – the genetic information that drives every step along the pathway from fertilized egg to adult. DNA carries the record of your anatomical and physiologic makeup, and the manual of all body structures and functions – including the code of everything you inherited from your parents.

In one single cell there are some 6 BILLION “steps” of DNA. In computer jargon we might say that the DNA in one microscopic cell contains some 6 billion bytes (“digits”) of intelligent information.
That is . . .

6,000,000,000 bytes of information per cell

`The amount of information that could be stored in a pinhead’s volume of DNA is staggering. It is the equivalent information content of a pile of paperback books 500 times as tall as the distance from Earth to the moon, each with a different, yet specific content.’ (Royal Truman, www.trueorigin.org)

`The instructions in one DNA molecule, if spelled out in words, would fill several sets of encyclopedias. Despite this enormous amount of information, the physical amount of DNA is small. Some estimate that the DNA of all five billion people alive today could fit into a teaspoon.’ (Dr. William Dysinger, Heaven’s Lifestyle Today, p.16)

Remarkably, the DNA in one cell is a mirror copy of the DNA in every other cell in your body – yet you are absolutely unique in that your DNA is unlike the DNA of any other person on our planet.

What else can we conclude from all this but that you carry around in your body a mind-boggling mega-load of information – a mega-load that is equivalent to 100 trillion computer hard drives, each of which is stored to capacity with 6 billion bytes of intricately “pre-programmed” information?

100 trillion x 6 billion = ?????

That is the sum total of all the information that it takes to run your marvelous, incredible, amazing, fantastic, miraculous life – and this is not just mumbo-jumbo type of information, but extremely complex information that is constantly drawn upon in a perfectly coordinated and impeccably organized fashion in order to meet the uncompromising needs of the body.

Whichever way we look at it, there is just no getting away from the obvious – you are a masterpiece of creation – infinitely complex, awesomely intricate, bewildering in design, wonderful beyond words – a miracle of the very first order.

This being the case, do we not owe it to ourselves to study this miracle, and to make every effort to meet the needs of this miracle? Should our first priority in life not be to saturate our minds with knowledge that will help us to preserve this miracle, and to keep it healthy, that we might enjoy the true wonders of being truly alive?

Our Philosophy On Food

We have often considered how tiny seeds develop into large, fruit-bearing trees; how dry old branches bring forth succulent fruit – in abundance; how earth and water and sun work together to bring forth food for the needs of earth’s creatures – in abundance; how natural foods are filled with essential nutrients – in abundance, how foods bring forth seeds – in abundance, and our contemplations have forced us to conclude that the processes of Nature, besides being incredibly generous, are as miraculous as the processes that sustain human life.

Behind this super-abundance of mind-boggling evidence, we see a Master-mind and a master-design wherein it was determined that the foods of Nature would be master-crafted for the needs of the human system. In other words, we see that natural foods were tailor-made to satisfy the needs of the life-miracle.

What can we expect, therefore, when we take Nature’s perfect foods and we refine them, ultra-heat treat them, genetically modify them, radiate them, manipulate them, and then put them back together in stupendous combinations that burden the system and that fail to meet the needs of life? Is it any wonder that those who depend on these processed and adulterated “foods” lose their vitality, suffer from chronic constipation, develop systemic toxemia, soon fall ill, and soon fall prey to all kinds of mental, hormonal and systemic imbalances?

It is our studied belief that when science respects Nature’s Ideal, it is in fact true science, but when “science” manipulates food for the sake of profits and solely in the interests of industry (shelf life, “mouth-feel,” convenience, and sales), and the vital needs of the life miracle are taken for granted, then such “science” is no more than a brand of folly that is directly responsible for much of the human suffering that we see all around us today.

It is for reasons such as these that we at Nature’s Choice respect Nature’s Ideal, for we believe that it is only by so doing that we can honestly claim to respect you, both as a person and as a customer. We believe wholeheartedly that you are a miracle, and that you are what you eat. As such, we accept the tremendous responsibility that devolves on us as suppliers of that which you eat.

Please rest assured, therefore, that whatever we distribute from our factory is in fact Nature’s Choice?

Bon appetite! We are at your service – always.

If you would like to learn more about this miracle, and how you can care for it, we strongly suggest that you read the Disease-Free book at this link.

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    I agree that the wonderful miracle of our human bodies is to be taken far more seriously than we generally do. We have to watch what we put into it! For years I have been in the habit of checking the ingredients on labels of everything because my son suffered from asthma as a baby. He is a fit and healthy young 26-year old today which I believe is due to his healthy lifestyle since he was diagnosed. Beside chronic medication, we changed his eating plan to “Preservative-free” foods, no dairy, exercise throughout his school days and home-made freshly cooked food, mainly vegetables. I therefore highly recommend your products to everyone. I love your Snack Pack when I’m feeling peckish. Thank you!

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