The Healing Crisis

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Editor’s Note: Very often, people who improve their lifestyle and diet are surprised in that, soon after making the improvements, they experience cough and colds – sometimes even for weeks on end. This is especially the case with those who have lived a very intemperate life in the past, and who then make many improvements over a short space of time. This article explains why this reaction is what some might term “a necessary evil.” If you have not already done so, it would be a good idea to read the article on the nature of disease before you consider the following.

As you work at strengthening and cleansing your body, your system will regain its vitality. Then, as your vitality improves, your body will sense that it finally has the energy and the ability to engage in certain housekeeping tasks that it never quite had the vital reserves to carry through in the past. As the naturopathic writer, George Teasdale, tells us, . . .

`By the time a man reaches forty years of age living on a civilized diet, he may have stored away in his body upwards of twenty pounds of mucous. When he discontinues the intake of catarrh forming foods, the life forces within him commence to break down and eject this large accumulation of virus.’ (Nature Heals!, p. 29).

And just how will the body “eject this large accumulation” of virus/mucous/impurities? By way of a cold, a cough, sneezing, short-lived skin blemishes, etcetera. What this means is that just when most people would think that they should feel better than ever before, they might just find themselves experiencing a sudden upsurge in the frequency of their acute ailments – but only for a short while.

As Dr. Jensen explains . . .

`In the nature cure way of treating [disease], a discharge that is dormant in the body may again become active, and the patient may become alarmed, but when nature is cleaning house she stirs up latent, encapsulated conditions that will gradually eliminate themselves through the bloodstream and the eliminative organs. In the process of cleansing, Nature is breaking down the stored-up toxic material that has developed in the body from the use of drugs, vaccines, injections, and generally bad living habits. Those who do not understand nature’s way of ridding the body of toxins through a discharge, do not understand that when a drug is given to suppress this discharge, they are interfering with nature’s way of ridding the body of toxic waste. The elimination of toxins by the body is referred to as, “the Healing Crisis.” ‘ (Bernard Jensen D.C.,N.D., The Science and Practice of Iridology, p. 164 )

Once we understand the true nature of disease, those who wish to improve their health will understand that a short spell of suffering might well be unavoidable. In fact, the healing crisis is often a rocky path that we simply have to traverse if we wish to reach the summit of good health.

So what can you expect when you first start following the Nature’s Way programme?

The healing crisis can manifest itself in various ways, but there is usually catarrhal elimination, accompanied by any of the following: headache, boils, skin rash, sore joints, retention of water (edema), mild fever and/or stiff muscles. In fact we might even relive some of our old ailments and pains, especially those that were suppressed by drug medications. Diarrhoea, bad breath, and minor skin blemishes can also present for a short while as the body seeks every means possible to cleanse itself.

If you have lived a reasonably healthy, active life, and your body is in a fairly good condition, chances are you will not experience any undue discomfort when you start out on this programme. If you have lived intemperately in the past, however, and you have been in the habit of taking drugs to suppress your acute ailments, your system is likely to be burdened with a considerable level of toxic impurities. If this accumulation is more than your eliminative organs can cope with, then Nature will have to call to her aid her good and faithful housemaids – namely, the common cold, the cough, etcetera, to assist her in her cleansing efforts.

Those younger in years may develop inflamed tonsils. But here we need a special note of caution. We must remember that the tonsils are important components of the lymph system and that, as such, they play
a vital role in the cleansing processes of the body. When they are inflamed, it is a sign that the body is backed up with toxic impurities and, as such, inflammation of the tonsils is not necessarily an indication that the tonsils should be surgically removed. In most cases it is simply sure proof that something in the lifestyle and/or diet needs changing. As Dr. T. Hartley-Hennessey, A.R.C.A., tells us . . .

`In many countries enjoying modern civilization, almost every law of nature is now violated. Under modern conditions, if a child is taken to hospital suffering from inflamed and discharging tonsils, not only are the tonsils, which are doing their job magnificently, amputated, but the child is returned home in the same condition of life which produced the disease. No change is made.’ (Healing by Water, p. 186)

So the message here is that if a child has inflamed tonsils, our first need is to seek by every means possible to detoxify the child’s body – a process that will certainly include the drinking of lots of water in-between meals, hot baths followed by skin rubs, a mild herbal laxative or enema for four or five days, a daily drink of activated, granulated charcoal, a liberal daily dose of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants, and a switch to high-fibre natural foods – preferably vegetarian. Then the parents need to ensure that sweets, refined junk foods and sugary, preserved drinks are totally excluded from the child’s intake. By removing the cause, and cleansing the system, the inflammation should soon subside – and expensive, painful surgery will thus be avoided.

At first the Healing Crisis may sound like a cruel quirk of Nature, but once we understand the true nature of disease, and how the body, in its all-wise economy, is always looking for opportunity to cleanse itself, and how it will only do this when it has the vital reserves to carry it through, we come to realize that there are times in life when we have to get `sick’ in order to get well. Quite simply, we cannot expect to get well for as long as excessive toxic impurities are backed up in the system – and very often the only way that the body can eliminate this encumbrance is through the process of acute `dis-ease.’ This is why, as George Teasedale suggests, . . .

We need to `be patient with Nature, even though her efforts at house cleaning are disagreeable. By persistent continuance in well doing the body will be cleansed of its toxic accumulations, and the discharges will finally and permanently cease.’ (Nature Heals!, p. 29).

Under normal circumstances, wisdom, perseverance, and sometimes a few natural remedial agencies, are all that are needed to aid in our recovery from a healing crisis. At such times there is usually no need for alarm for, as Dr Jensen assures us, . . .

`It takes a reserve to go through a healing crisis, and the body will not produce a crisis unless it is able to go through with it.’ (The Science and Practice of Iridology, p. 33)

Yet we should still be cautious, especially if we suspect that our immune defenses are low, and especially if we have lived a very intemperate life in the past. If at any time you feel even slightly alarmed at the symptoms that you are experiencing, do not hesitate to seek counsel from a naturopath or a suitably qualified, diet-oriented health professional. Do mention to him or her that you have recently improved your living habits and that you suspect that you might be experiencing a healing crisis.

Editor’s Note: The article above is from the book Disease-Free, written by Neville Mandy, the founder of Nature’s Choice. If this article has left any questions in your mind, we urge you to carefully consider the two chapters that precede this article – please click here to read these two chapters. If you would like to read an E-version of the entire book, and more, please click here. If you would like to order a free printed copy of the 96 page book, please click here.

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  1. Elsje Massyn Says:

    Oh I love this article and everything said is SO true!! I have changed from a VERY unhealthy re-fined sugar and white flour lifestyle to whole foods and my life has changed. I am free from any cravings and fluctuation in blood-sugar levels which were caused by my poor diet.

    I always so wish more parents have the knowledge and lifestyle that “Nature’s Choice” is portraying here so that they can educate their children to make informed choices about food and their health.

    I am in my 50+ but its never too late to make a change in lifestyle. Anyone out there who are still contemplating – please don’t hesitate any further, as a lifestyle free from refined sugar, white flour, processed food and drinks will only benefit your health and your future

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