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Understanding & Treating Allergies
Regarding allergy and its causes, there are two theories that deserve special mention.
Peanut Oil
Super for salads and savoury dishes.
Wholewheat Flour
For healthy bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and pastry.
Millet Flour
For superb porridges and puddings. An excellent flour for baking.
Coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt
The most healthy and highest grade of natural salt.
Better Baking Powder
Highly effective. Aluminium-Free
Apple Cider Vinegar
Acne Treatment. Tonic. Aid to digestion. Alternative to vinegar.
Unsulphered. Preservative free. Thompson's Seedless.
Prunes (Dried)
Excellent source of fibre. Delicious breakfast treat. A natural laxative.
Dried Figs
Used as a Snack, or in Cakes, Tarts and Home-Made Jam.
Black Currants
Use as a snack or add to cakes and cookies.
Super Snack
A delectable combination of cashew nuts and raisins.
Spelt Cakes
Scrumptious. Rich in Folic Acid and Iron. High in Fibre.
Snack Pack
Ideal for school lunches and picnics. A superior snack for hikers.
Rice Cakes
Delicious Snack. Excellent for those on a low fat diet
Nachos Grande (Chips)
More fibre & 35% less fat than regular chips.
Kreemy Coated Rice Cakes
Ideal for home, office and school snacks. Lactose Free.
Corn Wafers
Ideal For home, office and school snacks.
” Choc ” Coated Brown Rice Cakes
Ideal for home, office and school snacks. Lactose Free.
Banana Chips
A delightful crunchy snack. Preservative Free.
Scotch Shortbread
Sweetened with fructose. Delicious, Nutritious
Rye Bread
Produced in our own bakery from the finest of ingredients.
Ginger Snaps
The all-time favourite. Sucrose-Free, Preservative Free.
Coconut Macaroons
Delicious, Nutritious, Preservative Free, Sweetened with Fructose.
“Choc” Chip Cookies
Sweetened with Fructose. Chocolate and Preservative Free.
Carob Oatmeal Brownies
Sweetened with Fructose. All-Natural Ingredients.
Pioneer Loaf
Perhaps one of the finest, and most natural loaves of bread in the world.
Almond Macaroons
A delicious snack. Preservative-Free. Sweetened with Fructose.
Whole-Energy Muesli
A king's breakfast - with a royal selection of unrefined, good-for-you ingredients.
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