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Three Grain Porridge
A superior product for a superb breakfast!
Super-Seed Cereal
Nature's way of beating deficiencies, boosting energy levels, and promoting regularity.
Sorghum Meal (Maltabella)
A traditional favourite otherwise known as Maltabella.
Seven Grain Meal
A superior meal for a superb breakfast! Highly nutritious and very delicious.
Gourmet Muesli Crunch
Scrumptious and hyper-nutritious. Junk free.
Energy Supplement
Improve your energy levels with this natural energy supplement.
Pioneer Granola
For sustained energy levels, natural bowel function and all-day good feelings.
Seedless Raisins
Thompson Seedless. Unsulphered. Preservative free.
Sunflower Seeds
Add to bread, cereals, cookies, salads and fruit salad
Pumpkin Seeds
Use as a super snack. Dry-mill and add to cereals or blend into health drinks.
Linseed (Flax Seed)
Mill & add to cereals and porridges. Soak and use to promote natural bowl function
Sesame Seeds
Great protein. A super food. Add to cereals and porridges. Use in cooking & baking
Use as a snack or add to soups instead of croutons
Potato Flakes
Ideal for improved consistency in potato puree or potato dough. Add to potato based meals and vegetable soups
Dried Pineapple
Preservative Free. Not suitable for Diabetics
Kamut Grain
Great as a cereal and for use in baked goods
Bulgar Wheat
Very palatable with a unique flavor
Organic Soya Flour
Rich in high quality protein
De-Pitted Dates
An excellent source of natural energy. Rich in fibre, and loaded with goodness.
Wheat Bran
To boost the intake of dietary fibre, add to cereals, porridges, soups and stews
Rolled Oats
The ideal energy breakfast, use in muesli, granola, cookies, waffles, crumpets and patties.
Oat Bran
The richest natural source of water soluble fibre
Brown Basmati Rice
A whole grain variety with a distinctly Eastern flavour. Chinese rice recipe follows.
Red Lentils
Uses in Stews, Curries & Soups
Pinto Beans
A favourite for Soups, Stews and Casseroles
Quinoa Grain
The complete protein grain, with slow digesting (low GI) carbohydrates
Miracles Plus Plus
Rich in essential fatty acids. Bursting with life potential. Incredibly nutritious
Soya Beans
Natures Best Vegetable Source of High Quality Protein. Great in stews, curries and casseroles
Long Grain Brown Rice
High in vitamins, essential fibre, and bran. Cholesterol Free
Brown Jasmine Rice
Aromatic. Versatile and delicious used as a side dish, in pilafs and deserts
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