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Well Being
Herbal Tea COMPOSITION: Celery Seeds, Fennel, Ground Parsley, Ground Ginger, Meadowsweet, Unbleached Tea Bags. Increase water intake and Exercise. Take […]
Dietary Wisdom
Selection of Food Realizing the importance of the role that food plays in the vital processes of life, the selection […]
Classes Of Healing Herbs
Herbs have long been classified according to their healing properties (see table below). Although there are many thousands of different […]
Herbal Support Teas
The following Herbal Support Teas are now available. If your Nature’s Choice stockist does not yet carry the support tea […]
Food Combining Principles
There are many voices crying out about various food combining programs today and this is causing some confusion amongst consumers. […]
Dietary Fat Sources-Chart
Primary Sources Of Dietary Fats Listed under their primary lipid [fat] components – See note below Saturated Fats* Monounsaturated Fats* […]
Also See Jams Most people have developed the habit of taking free fats with every meal. Free fats are those […]
Choose To Feel Amazing
When you choose Nature’s Choice . . . You choose to feel wonderfully energetic – because our foods have not […]
More About Organic Foods
Summary The term ‘organic’ refers to environmentally friendly and health supportive methods of farming and processing both animal and plant […]
The Nature’s Choice Super-Food Phenomenon
Please tell me more about organic foods. Please tell me more about bio-friendly foods. Please tell me more about “functional” […]
Prevention Or Cure – A Poem
Twas a dangerous cliff, as rugged as any, yet to walk near its edge was so pleasant that over the […]
How To Grow Young Fast
A Personal Testimony Having recently read about a 70 year old who climbed the world’s highest mountain, I would hesitate […]
Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera is commonly used externally as a skin healer, moisturizer and softener. It has a soothing […]
Peanut Butter (Crunchy) Nature’s Choice Peanut Butter is produced from nuts that have been slowly baked at low temperature in […]
Food Flavours
Herbal Salt Nature’s Choice Herbal Salt adds that special Cordon Blue taste to salads, sandwiches, stews, spreads and savoury dishes. […]
Add – On’s
Molasses Bran IDEA: Add to cereals, porridges and fruit salads. IDEA: For a high fibre breakfast, or a light evening […]
Meat Substitutes
Soya Mince Soya Beans are an excellent source of Vegetable Protein. They are also a good source of Fibre, Calcium, […]
Soy Milk Powder
Delicious Dairy Milk Substitutes
An amazing sweetener which is also good for your teeth
Cake Flour The Nature’s Choice Gluten-Free speciality range includes High Fibre Bread Flour, Cake Flour, Waffle and Pizza Flour, Pancake […]
 Pumpkin Seeds Besides eating the whole seed as a  snack, Pumpkin Seeds can be dry-milled in a blender or coffee […]
Dried Fruit
Cranberries Cranberries are not just a pretty fruit but a nutrient powerhouse. As a functional food cranberries are packed with […]
Brown Basmati Rice Basmati Rice is an Eastern favourite. Brown Basmati Rice is an unrefined product. It is rich in […]
Whole Grains
What Whole Grains Will Do For You By Dr Steven R. Schechter, N.D. Throughout history, whole grains have been referred […]
Natural Sources Of Common Nutrients
Click here if you wish to try and match your symptoms to a possible deficiency, overdose, or excess. Important Note: […]
Vital Nutrient Properties
The following table is included in order to bring to light the benefits of some very useful supplements. This information […]
Sprouts & Sprouting
Sprouting For Economy and Ecology Adapted from a pamphlet by Dr. Ann Wigmore of The Hippocrates Health Institute Sprouts are […]
Protein and Vit. B-12 Sources
Protein literally means “primary substance,” an accurate description since all the tissues in the body are built and repaired with […]
Phytonutrient Sources
In recent years, laboratory researchers have discovered the existence of phytochemicals, otherwise known as phytonutrients. These are substances which protect […]
Herbs And Their Healing Properties
If you are new to herbal healing, we suggest that you consider features (1), (2), (3) and (4) below before […]
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