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Healthy Alternatives To Refined Sugar
Alternative for Refined Sugar I know winter is a tough, tough month and we just feel like indulging in everything […]
Mood-Enhancing Foods
It is easier to eat yourself happy than you think. These foods aren’t only good for your body but for […]
Affordable Plant-based Supper Ideas
Nature’s Choice shares 2 plant-based supper ideas that are packed with nutrients. These supper ideas include our lemon-parsley bean salad […]
Healthy Comfort Foods
What foods do you gravitate toward in the cold winter months? Do you worry that you’ll gain kilograms just because […]
Marvelous Molasses
Molasses is one of those forgotten products that are often found lurking at the back of our grandmother’s cupboard. It’s […]
Healthy Alternatives to Your Kids’ Favourite Junk Food
Busy parents everywhere worry about what their children consume when they are not on their watch. Peers at school and […]
These Foods Burn Kilojoules and Are Packed With Nutrients
You’re probably watching what you’re eating and do not want to follow any fads. Ever pondered that there may be […]
Here’s How You Can Get Your Kids to Enjoy Fruit & Vegetables
We’ve witnessed some parents try really hard to get their children to enjoy vegetables and still not win. Those fruits […]
Our Top 8 Favourite Wholefoods
At Nature’s Choice, we don’t believe that there is one “Magic” food that can cure all. We do however believe […]
Tahini Butter: The Sesame Seed Superfood Butter
If you’ve ever eaten hummus then chances are you’ve eaten Tahini as its a key ingredient in Tahini that gives […]
Xylitol – Corn vs Birch?
There seems to be a lot of misconception about the differences between corn and birch xylitol and which of the […]
Terrific Turmeric & Its Uses
Turmeric has been used for hundreds of years by communities from all over India and North Africa as a spice […]
Do You Have Food Intolerance Or Allergy?
There is a lot of Information regarding food allergy and intolerance, but how can you really tell if you suffer […]
It’s All About Adzuki
The Adzuki bean is not very well known here in South Africa, in part, it’s due to the fact that […]
Nuts About Nut Butter?
Today, the market is brimming with hordes of different types of nut butters. This may make choosing your ideal nut […]
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