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Gourmet Muesli Crunch

21 September 2008

Another Wholefood Wonder
This is what we call body-spoil at its absolute best. Natural down to the last crumb. Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for life. We could have made this superb wholefood product less expensive – but only at your expense.
INGREDIENTS:  Rolled Oats, Banana Chips, Dried Apricots, Brazil Nuts, Fructose, Almond Flakes and Coconut.
If you appreciate this extraordinary product, then you will also enjoy our new wonder granola – aptly named “Wonder Crunch”. This granola type product comprises a delicious blend of rolled oats, wheat germ, molasses bran, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, hazel nuts, almonds, brazil nuts and fructose.

Nutritional Information
 Fibre (Crude)

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No, this is not just another Muesli. This is another Wonder Wholefood Product.
Thanks to the popularity of our new wonder granola-type cereal, aptly named IncrEdibles, we decided to give the same treatment to a wholefood muesli-type cereal, and the end-result is Gourmet Muesli Crunch.
Once again we have spared absolutely nothing in the production of this unique cereal. Bio-friendly down to the last crumb, delicious beyond words, and infinitely more nutritious than any junk food cereal that is on the market today, this is the Rolls Royce of cereals.
Whether you use this wonder food as a breakfast cereal or a snack, whether you take it along on hikes or camping trips, this all-natural food will improve your vitality, boost your energy levels, maintain your blood sugar levels, and thoroughly nourish your system.
As we like to put it, this is “body-spoil” at its very best. If it costs a little more, this is only because it is a whole lot more nutritious. Gram for gram you might never have had better nutrition at a better price.
Lightly sweetened with fructose, and gently toasted with love and care, we are extremely proud to present this totally unique product to those who appreciate that you are what you eat. We love it – you will too.
In case you are wondering why we produce a toasted muesli, this is because most people have forgotten that the traditional muesli comprises raw grain ingredients such as raw oats and that, as such, it should be soaked overnight in milk or fruit juice before being consumed (this is why so many people experience discomfort after eating muesli that has not been soaked). Realizing that in this busy world few people will remember to soak muesli overnight, we decided to toast this muesli – which means it is ready to eat. Enjoy.
Ingredients: Rolled Oats, Banana Chips, Dried Apricots, Brazil Nuts, Fructose, Almond Flakes, Coconut
To Avail Yourself Of This Product: If your local Nature’s Choice stockist is not carrying this product then please print out this page and present it to the store management – along with a little arm twisting if you like. Or you can simply write on the printout . . . “Please could you start stocking this product,” then pop the printout in an envelope addressed to the store management, and present it to the cashier. They will be only too happy to start ordering this product for you.


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