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Healthy Comfort Foods

11 May 2018


What foods do you gravitate toward in the cold winter months? Do you worry that you’ll gain kilograms just because of one (maybe two or three) scrumptious snack? Dos your mood suddenly change to dar when it’s cold? Do not despair, as we have you covered, we have compiled a list of healthy, mood-enhancing comfort foods.


Baked goods are the ultimate go-to for most during Winter but the aftereffects are not always welcome. Nature’s Choice has just the right fix, the gluten-free Oat & Coconut Crunchie. These cookies are inspired by the nostalgic South Africa Crunchie but it offers the wholesome benefits of rolled oats and coconut without compromising taste. These cookies are suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliacs and contain a range of whole sources like tapioca, brown rice, and potato.

Mac & Cheese

This go-to winter dish does not have to be all that bad in terms of nutrient properties. Luckily, when using Nature’s Choice ingredients to make this yummy winter-warmer, you can throw caution to the winds. Use our gluten-free macaroni and our vegan cashew cheese as an alternative and you have yourself a yummy and healthy dish in one.

A Cup of Tea

A hot cup of tea will increase your body temperature, without a doubt. Another wonderful revelation about tea is that it can help you recover from stressful events quicker, this according to WebMD. Tea lowers your stress hormone levels and our Chai Tea may contribute to lowering blood sugar levels and contains ingredients such as cinnamon which can help lower blood pressure. Simply add hot water and cosy up with a cuppa.

Healthy Snacks

Nature’s Choice has a wide selection of snacks that can be combined with any product in your pantry. Take for instance our carob chip biscuits, contain way more nutrients like antioxidants and can aid digestion than your regular chocolate chip cookie but are just as delicious.  

Healthy Breakfast Alternatives

Breakfast Bars: These are a great way to start your day on a healthy note, especially if you’re always on the go in the mornings. They’re packed with mood-enhancing ingredients like.

Cereals and Porridge: If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, you can prepare porridge, check our Amaranth & Chia Porridge with Fruit Compote recipe for a superfood power breakfast.


In Conclusion

For every comfort food that might leave you feeling like you’re neglecting your health in any way, Nature’s Choice has an alternative. If you’re on a special diet or are looking for a meal plan for the whole family, check our Nutrition Hub for guidance. Stay warm and healthy this winter.


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