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Mood-Enhancing Foods

18 June 2018


It is easier to eat yourself happy than you think. These foods aren’t only good for your body but for your mind too. The colder season tends to have a negative impact in the mood for most people and so we have listed foods that can boost your mood. Certain foods, such as sugar, provide an energy rush, however, it dips down quickly, making irritable quicker than a fussy toddler. Without more ado, here are happy foods to add to your pantry.



This green leafy vegetable is a great source of B vitamins which play a big role in the release of the happy hormone, serotonin. In addition to this, spinach is great for your skin, can improved eyesight, regulated blood pressure, and is a muscle-builder too. Spinach is loaded with a mineral that helps recede anxiety, magnesium. Spinach is also great for boosting your brain function.


Oats has a multitude of health benefits and is a favourite in most South African homes. Oats has the mood-enhancing mineral, selenium, it is also low in glycaemic index, in other words, Low GI. This means that energy is released gradually into the bloodstream, making blood sugar stable, ultimately impacting a good temperament.


This complex carbohydrate helps boost the production of serotonin which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. Lentil are also high in folate and iron, both have an influence in your energy levels, so they’re especially great if you have low iron levels. Folate is a mood-enhancing nutrient that also helps our bodies make genetic material. Increasing the consumption of lentils can help in the production of folate which in turn enhance serotonin receptors.

Chia Seeds

This superfood is gaining popularity as the world of foodies leans on healthier foods. Chia seeds are high in fatty acids and Omega 3 which are great for the nervous system, help with concentration, improving mood and depression. The fibre stabilises blood sugar levels and temperament. Chia can be added to smoothies, cereals, salads and some desserts.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great source of fatty acids and amino acids. They contain the happy ingredients, folate, and magnesium. A handful of sunflower seed provides the recommended daily dose of magnesium which is beneficial in aiding depression. They are also high in fibre. Their high fiber content helps stabilize hormone levels.


These are only some of the foods that are conducive to keeping us in happy spirits. Some that are also worth the mention include banana, avocado, cacao, nuts and the list goes on and on. We hope that you’ll find a few favourites to add to your next grocery list.


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