1 September 2008

 Pumpkin Seeds

Besides eating the whole seed as a  snack, Pumpkin Seeds can be dry-milled in a blender or coffee mill. The powdered seed can then be added to cereals, soups or stews.


TO PROMOTE NATURAL BOWEL FUNCTION: Soak whole or ground seeds in water or juice overnight. Add 1 tablespoon of soaked seeds daily to cereal foods and porridges. Research reveals that over the last 100 years the level of Linolenic acid (Omega3) in the average diet has been reduced by as much as 80%. Linseed contains up to 60% Linolenic acid.

Sunflower Seeds

IDEAS:  Add to salads * A must in homemade muesli and granola *To add that something special to Rusks * Mix with raisins for an ideal snack, *Ideal for Sprouting.
MORE IDEAS: For a light snack, lightly toast sunflower Seeds and serve together with brown rice and soya sauce.
MORE IDEAS: Serve together with chopped dried fruit for a special teat. Sunflower Seeds combine well with peanuts for improved protein quality.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds should be dry milled in a blender or a coffee mill, or crushed or ground into a paste before consumption, failing which most of the seeds will pass through the intesdine without being digested. For improved nutrition, add milled or crushed Sesame Seeds to soups and stews or blend into health shakes.
Sesame Seeds contains almost 30% complete Protein of good quality, with all the Essential Amino Acids being present – particularly Methionine. They are a good source of Antioxidants, Zinc, Calcium and Iron. Truly a superfood.


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