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The Nature’s Choice Super-Food Phenomenon

1 September 2008

At Nature’s Choice we generally classify foods into the following categories:

Foods Certified as Organic

These are foods that are grown and distributed in strict compliance with globally recognized standards of organic food cultivation and production. These foods, wherever available, would usually be the first choice of the enlightened consumer. At Nature’s Choice we carry a wide and ever-growing range of Organic foods, most of which are specially imported and all of which we would also classify as bio-friendly (see below). Nature’s Choice is certified with BCS in Germany and, as such, all of our organic foods are Certified Organic. Organic foods are discussed in more detail at this link.

Bio-Friendly Foods

These foods may not be strictly organic but, unlike “junk foods,” they adequately support the needs of life and they do not burden the life processes in any way. Typically, bio-friendly foods are preservative-free, sucrose-free, and hydrogenated fat-free. They are unrefined and unadulterated. They have not been irradiated, or over-processed or ultra heat-treated. Bio-friendly foods do not contain harmful chemical additives (which might include texturizers, emulsifiers, colorants etcetera). While bio-friendly foods are not always on a par with organic foods, as a rule they are infinitely superior to junk foods. All foods in the Nature’s Choice range are either Organic or Bio-Friendly. All of our organic foods are also bio-friendly – (this is why we refuse to sell “organic” sugar, for example.)

Functional Foods

Usually, these are junk foods that have been “enriched” with a few vitamins and minerals etcetera. We believe that when a food needs enrichment, it is a poor food indeed and, as such, it is hardly worthy of being classified as “functional.”

Junk Foods

According to our definition, junk foods are neither Organic or Bio-Friendly. For one reason or another, they do not adequately support the needs of life and/or they burden the life processes in some way. They may contain preservatives, sugar, hydrogenated fat, refined flour and/or any number of chemical additives. They may be adulterated, irradiated, ultra-heat treated and/or highly processed. In most cases, they will cause constipation and/or unbalance body chemistry and/or cause hormone imbalance and/or upset homeostasis and/or contribute significantly to the body’s toxic load. As a matter of policy, and out of respect to our loyal supporters, we do not stock junk foods of whatsoever nature.

Genetically Modified Foods

We choose not to use genetically modified foods and we do not recommend their use. Because of poor (almost non-existent) governmental controls over the production and importation of genetically modified (GMO) foods, however, certain GMO foods have made significant inroads into our country’s food supply – the two main culprits being Soya and Maize. Our company policy dictates that wherever we suspect that a food may be genetically modified, we will make every effort to supply the organic alternative (which will always be GMO free). Until such time as there is a quick and easy way of identifying a GMO food – enabling us to label food accordingly – we would urge you to opt for the organic alternative – especially in the case of soya and maize.


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