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Tips to stay healthy this Christmas!

22 December 2015



We are all prone to a little over indulgence over the festive period, and many of us often see in the New Year feeling unhealthy and a little bit heavier than the previous year. A few little tips could make all the difference and could help you see in 2016 feeling full of energy and motivation!


1) Always have breakfast!

Food and get together’s seem to happen daily over this time of year and its very important to make sure you start the day well in order to have the energy you need and not over eat throughout the day.

Porridge Oats – either cooked or cold – as in a bircher muesli, topped with some berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon helps to stabilize your blood sugar and in turn keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Birchir muesli is often mixed with yogurt after soaking the oats and choosing a good probiotic natural yogurt will give you an extra health boost!

2) Keep drinking water throughout the day!

We often under-estimate the effects of dehydration and even being just slightly dehydrated can cause headaches and tiredness. Teas like herbal teas count towards your daily amount but be wary of coffee and normal tea as they can also dehydrate you. Keep water in big glass jars around the house and drink a glass every time you walk past. Keep a glass of water by your bed and have a big drink before you even put your feet on the floor. If you find water un-palatable try making herbal tea infusions and cooling them down and serving them with ice.


3) Eat before you go out!

Now this may seem like a strange suggestion but it really works. Don’t go to a party or dinner hungry – there is more chance then that you will overeat. Something simple like some natural yogurt,  a handful of seeds or raw nuts, banana chips, preferably something with a little protein in it. A Supersmoothie packed with some superfood powders is also a great health boosting snack that will keep you feeling satisfied with minimal calories, while cramming in nutrients. A tablespoon of wholesome nut butter spread onto oat or corn cakes will also keep your blood sugar levels balanced. If there is a buffet table then fill your one plate with vegetables and healthier canapes and limit yourself to that one plate, dont go back for seconds.

4) Stay active!

Just keep moving! We are lucky here in SA to have great weather this time of year so getting outdoors for walks or bike rides is easy. Play frisbee or other ball games with your family and friends and choose games and activities that involve so kind of movement. Swimming is also a great way to stay fit and if you only have a small pool try swimming a length – hopping out and running to the other side and getting back in to swim another length – you could even have a race with other family members!

5) Include lots of Wholegrains and raw foods!

Make sure you have plenty of salads with crunchy nutritious raw veggies in them – along with wholefoods like brown rice and quinoa. Its hard to overeat these foods as volume wise they fill you up fast. Offer chopped raw veggies with your dips instead of crisps and save calories AND add nutrients!

6) Get some rest!

Too many late nights and sleep deprivation will have a negative impact on your immune system, so try and get your 8 hours nightly, keep electronic gadgets away from where you sleep and keep stimulating drinks before 4pm in the afternoon to ensure good quality sleep.

We hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!



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