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Dietary Fat Sources-Chart

2 September 2008

Primary Sources Of Dietary Fats
Listed under their primary lipid [fat] components – See note below
Alpha-Linoleic Acid
Alpha-Linolenic Acid
Beef Olive Oil Borage Flaxseed
Mutton Canola Oil Flaxseed Soybean
Pork Almond Oil Soybean Lecithin
Lamb Avocado Oil Safflower Canola
Poultry Peanut Oil Sunflower Hempseed
Coconut Oil Pecan Oil Lecithin Walnut
Milk Cashew Oil Corn Dark Green Leaves
Butter Filbert Oil Wheat Germ Black Currant Seed Oil
Cheese Macadamia Oil Sesame Certain fish*
Yoghurt Land Animal Fats Hempseed
Palm Kernel Oil Butter Walnut
Black Current Seed Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Mother’s Milk
Original Source: Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill, Udo Erasmus, Ph.D., p21-22
* Important Note: All oils contain varying proportions of different fatty acids. When a fat has been hydrogenated, as is the case with margarine and common cooking oils, it can lose its beneficial and/or essential properties and become positively harmful. We recommend that you use whipped fresh cream or mashed avocado or butter in place of margarine, and cold pressed oils that are also cold processed in place of hydrogenated cooking oils (which most are). Frying is not recommended in any form – see alternatives. Because of the extremely high levels of mercury in all fish today, we do not recommend any fish or fish oil as a source of essential fatty acids.


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