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Monitor Your Improving Health

29 August 2008

Wonderful changes take place in our bodies when we begin to respect Nature and her laws, when we start to eat natural foods in natural combinations, and when we start to prepare our foods in a more natural manner. As you switch to using better alternatives, you may use the following wellness “milestones” to monitor your improving health. We trust that by so doing you will draw great encouragement as you continue your journey along the pathway that leads to optimal wellness.
If you are new to health reform, it is important that you understand what is known as the “healing crisis.” Click here to read about this phenomenon.

Body Odour

Let’s go back a few decades, to the era before the advent of underarm deodorants. At that time, did everybody walk around with body odour? No doubt some did, but the truth is that underarm deodorants only became a dire necessity when people started relying heavily on processed foods such as refined white flour, refined white rice, refined white sugar and hydrogenated fats and oils. Because these foods burden the system and because they are seriously lacking in natural fiber and nutrition, their use invariably leads to constipation and/or to delayed transit time. In simple terms, this means that food remains in the colon for far longer than Nature intended – and this delay inevitably results in the putrefaction of food residues in the colon.
Now, when the body harbors fermenting and/or putrefying food residues, it will seek by every means possible to eliminate the resultant toxic waste and impurities – either through the lungs (resulting in bad breath), and/or through the bowels (resulting in foul-smelling stools and/or diarrhoea), and/or through the kidneys (as evidenced in dark yellow and even smelly urine), and/or through the skin (resulting in boils, pimples, blackheads, skin blemishes, excessive sweating and body odour). Impurities that are eliminated through the skin, and especially those that are eliminated via the dark, warm, sweaty, hairy localities, such as the armpits, constitute a perfect breeding ground for odour-producing bacteria – and this is the root cause of underarm odour – and this is why deodorants are so much more in demand today than they were in days gone by.
One of the first benefits that you will enjoy when you switch to a natural, wholefood dietary, therefore, is that your need for modern-day “crutches” such as laxatives, high potency toilet sprays, and strong underarm deodorants will gradually diminish.
Once your system is relatively clean, and your bowels are functioning naturally, your armpit odour will actually serve as a never-failing junk-food barometer. If your body odour is strong today, ask yourself what you have eaten over the previous few days. Are your bowels flushing properly? Are food residues fermenting in your colon?
There is no question that “junk” foods, body odour and constipation are bedfellows.
Are we saying that deodorants do not have their rightful place? No! While strict health reformers usually have little need for deodorants, for the sake of confidence, deodorants should be used, especially if we are unable to bath every day – but they should most certainly be bio-friendly, aluminium-free deodorants. Because perspiration is a natural eliminative function of the human body, we should avoid the use of anti-perspirants – and especially those that are aluminium-based.
The Journal of Clinical Epidemiology noted a study showing that an increase in the risk of Alzheimer’s was directly related to the use of aluminium-based anti-perspirants. (S Epstein and D Steinman, The Safe Shoppers Bible, p.265)

`Furry’ Tongue

One way of judging the state of your digestive tract is to examine the back of your tongue first thing in the morning – for the state of the back of the tongue usually gives us some indication as to the state of the entire digestive tract. As such, a furry film on the back of the tongue is usually a sure sign that we should attend to the state of our bowels and perhaps even go on a detoxification or an intestinal cleansing program.
Another self-test that you can carry out, and this also first thing in the morning, is to take a coarse cloth, wrap it around your index finger, and then rub the cloth firmly on the back of your tongue. If your digestive tract is in good health, there should be little or no “fur” on the cloth and no smell at all. If there is a smell, this will indicate that we need to consider detoxification and/or intestinal cleansing, and that in the long term we should switch to using more natural foods, including plenty of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables. A strong smell can in fact be taken as an omen of worse to come – especially if the situation is ignored. If we have dental problems that are causing bacterial build-up, these bacteria will find a perfect breeding ground in an “out-of-sorts” colon and this could result in any number of problems – including halitosis.
When you follow a natural lifestyle and diet, and you take sufficient fresh water in between meals, your bowels will soon start functioning normally and the fur on the tongue should soon disappear.

Colour Of Urine

Generally speaking, dark brown or dark yellow urine comes about when one is not drinking sufficient fresh water and/or when one’s system is highly toxic, for it is a sure sign of an accumulation of impurities and toxic acids in the system. The darker the urine, the more toxic the system is likely to be. If the urine is very dark, then you are probably already ill, or else illness could well be on the way.
Our aim, therefore, must be to work at getting our urine to the point where it is always as clear as crystal. As you improve your dietary habits, and as you drink freely of fresh water in between meals, you should soon observe the change in the colour of your urine.
When your food and fluid intake are as Nature intended them to be, your urine will also be free from odour.

Pulse Rate

Your pulse rate is usually a reasonable indicator as to the state of your health and/or your vascular system. Before getting out of bed tomorrow morning take your pulse and make a note of it in a book that you are not likely to misplace. As you improve your diet and lifestyle, take your pulse every week or so – always at the same time, and always under the same rested circumstances. You will notice that your pulse will continually slow down as your blood becomes thinner, purer and more alkaline and as your arteries and veins relax and find opportunity to clear themselves of unnatural obstructions and cholesterol build-up.
Before we adopted the Nature’s Way programme, my pulse registered at over 80 beats per minute and my blood pressure was so high that I was refused the privilege of donating blood. Depending on my fitness levels, my pulse now ticks over at a healthy and happy 44 to 60 beats per minute. When I have been involved in a vigorous exercise programme for a few weeks, it can fall as low as 36 beats a minute. What does this all mean? Simply that the heart is now able to accomplish in 44 beats what it once accomplished in 80 beats per minute – almost half the effort for the same result. This is a great incentive for those who are looking forward to a long happy life.
The pulse is located on the thumb side of the inner wrist. Use your fingers to take your pulse and not your thumb, as your thumb has its own pulse. Count the number of beats for 15 seconds and then multiply by four to get the number of beats per minute.
It is generally accepted that the average adult pulse rate is around 72 beats per minute. It must be understood, however, that the average adult is not living in total harmony with Nature and, as such, this generally accepted average is far higher than it would be if all people adopted a more healthy lifestyle and diet.


Generally speaking, mucous is an emergency vehicle for the removal of impurities from the system – and here we are speaking of mucous as opposed to saliva. An excessive amount of mucous usually indicates that the body is loaded with an excessive amount of toxic acids (impurities). This usually indicates that the organs of elimination are not coping and that the system is using the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and bronchial tubes, and sometimes those of the vagina and anus, as the vehicle for the elimination of this excessive mucosal/toxic build up.
It must be understood that Nature is removing offending matter via the medium of the mucous, and that Nature therefore should not be suppressed in her housekeeping efforts by the use of decongestant drugs. Rather, we should assist her in every way possible. Obviously, therefore, we would not want to swallow mucous – spit, yes, mucous, no.
A little salt is necessary for good blood, but an excessive salt intake is a very common cause of excessive mucous. Milk or cream are also known to be major causes of mucous in some individuals. When we have a mucous problem, we will often find that our bowels are not functioning properly, and we could also be suffering from intestinal gas. Here again, intestinal cleansing may be called for.
As you switch to a more healthy way of living and eating, any mucous problem that you may have had should soon disappear.


Each meal should pass out of the body within 16 to 24 hours. This can be timed by drinking a glass of water into which you have stirred two heaped teaspoons of Nature’s Choice Detoxinol (activated granulated charcoal). Drink this at a time when your bowels normally move, then see if your stools are dark blackish in colour 24 hours later. If not, you need to increase your fiber intake and/or cleanse the bowels.
When we are eating the right foods, at the right times, and in the right combinations, our stools will usually be soft, airy and light brown in colour. They should also float on water, and should pass out of the body under very little pressure.
Dark, stiff, heavy stools that do not float on water are a sure sign that we need to substitute a few good things for the bad things in our diet. If the stools are very thin, this could be a sign that the colon is encrusted with post-putrefactive fecal material and that attention should be given to flushing the colon by way of a series of enemas – or even by way of a series of professionally administered colonic flushes.
An encrusted colon usually distends and puts pressure on the spine – causing a nagging, dull backache.
The only permanent cure for constipationhowever is achieved by becoming a slave to Nature, and by eating Nature’s foods, at Nature’s times, and in Nature’s combinations, and all the while respecting those lifestyle principles that promote bowel motility.
Any food that has been refined, chemicalized or changed from the form in which Nature presents it, will promote constipation. Greasy foods, foods containing hydrogenated oilsand excessive free fats, and refined foods such as white flour, commercial bread (white or brown), gluten, white rice and sugar (white and brown) are among the main causes of constipation, and can slow down the passage of food through the system literally by days.
Half a liter to a liter of warm, fresh water, taken at least half an hour before meals, should become a life-long practice for those who have a sluggish bowel. If this does not work, then you can try 2 teaspoons of Nature’s Choice Colon Cleanse one hour before every meal and you can continue this until such time as you have rectified your diet and your bowels are functioning normally.

 Sound Sleep

When you are in good health, you will lay your head on the pillow, have a few moments of pleasant thought, and the next thing you know it will be morning, and you will awake refreshed and eager to get on with the tasks at hand. At times you will even find it difficult to believe that you have been asleep for all of seven to eight hours. This is nothing unusual for some people – it is only a dream for others.
There are many factors that can keep us from enjoying good, restful sleep, but most of them can be corrected without having to resort to drugs – which only ever work for a while and which can only ever be used today at the expense of a drowsy, drugged feeling and lost sleep tomorrow.
If you are having trouble sleeping, then here are a few factors to consider:
(1) The bloodstream may be acid, in which case we should work at alkalinizing the system.
(2) A heavy meal at night is sure to result in a period of wakefulness during the night, unless of course the body is totally exhausted. Overeating, and especially of the evening meal, is a major cause of insomnia. If you can have your main meal at lunch time and a light meal at night, you will derive great benefit.
(3) Those who cannot sleep could also be “stimulated” by the accumulation of static in the body (from polyester carpets, cell phones and PC monitors etc) in which case a bare-foot walk out on the grass just before retiring would be a grand idea – and one that will prove most relaxing.
(4) Polyester sheets, under-sheets, and pillow-cases sometimes rob more sensitive individuals of the ability to sleep soundly – and it may take them decades to find this out. Cotton sheets and pillow-cases are always a better buy.
(5) Mental over-stimulation from watching exciting TV programmes does nothing to help us to sleep.
(6) Beware of too much sugar and/or honey, especially honey that has been boiled. Boiled honey is extremely acid-forming. (Most, if not all, commercial honeys have been boiled.) Nature’s Choice Natural Honey has only been gently warmed.
(7) Mercury from dental amalgam fillings is also known to cause insomnia – and many other health problems. Warning: Do not have your mercury amalgam fillings replaced until you have carefully studied the above link.
(8) Cream should never be fried or overheated. It may be used in a moderate oven, but never over a hot plate, as the excessive heat converts the fat in the cream. For some reason this can lead to a sleepless night.- usually only in the case of sensitive individuals.
Life can seem rather meaningless when we lose sleep, and it is therefore most important that we make the necessary changes in order to get the sleep that we need. Remember, however, that the rule is to remove causes and not to treat symptoms. Insomnia is only a symptom – it is an indication that something in the system is out of balance – it is a sign that something needs changing. As far as possible avoid taking pills to drug yourself to sleep, for by so doing you are only ever treating symptoms instead of removing the cause. Reason from cause to effect, then make the necessary changes.

`The sleep of a laboring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep.’ (Ecclesiastes 5:12 KJV)

 Attitude Towards Life

When we exclude any immediate negative influences from our lives, and we still find that life is rather dull and empty – meaningless, if you like – with nothing to look forward to, it is time to clean out the closets of the body, mind and soul.
When we are healthy, and we are feeding on the good and the clean and the pure, in both the temporal and the spiritual sense, life is usually well worth the living. When our temporal foods are made up of “junk foods”, however, and our spiritual food consists of television “junk,” we can be sure that life will seem somewhat bleak. We can no more expect to find happiness while filling our minds with violence, intrigue, filth, murder and bad news than we can expect to find health while filling our bodies with adulterated “junk” foods.
Some people thrive on stimuli. These people usually cannot sit still for a moment. If we watch stimulating, emotional scenes on TV, and we indulge in stimulating foods and drinks such as meat, spices, tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, cola drinks and chocolate, our systems will adjust to the point that we will feel uncomfortable and even decidedly unhappy when we are forced to go without these stimulants. This is one good reason why we should work at breaking away from all stimulating foods, drinks and influences. We are what we eat, and we must understand that we “eat” with our mouth, our nose, our eyes and our ears. Our thoughts and our feelings are always the product of that which we have been “eating” via these channels.
When we eat and live in harmony with nature, happiness is usually always the spontaneous result. If you eat and live right – don’t worry – you will be happy.

Skin and Hair

When we follow a natural diet and lifestyle, even our hair becomes more manageable, and all greasiness should soon disappear. The skin will usually become soft, moist and supple. Pimples, blackheads and blemishes should also soon disappear. With a little time – sometimes after only a few days – our complexion, and the sparkle in our eyes, will advertise our new lifestyle.
Do remember, however, that after changing over to a more healthy way of life, we may have a few more pimples than usual – for a short time. This comes about as the body takes advantage of our improved lifestyle and diet to eliminate old toxic deposits. In order to better understand this process, we need to read up on the healing crisis.
When it comes to skin care, do not believe for one minute that all of the chemicals in cosmetics, shampoos and perfumes are bio-friendly – and do not believe for one minute that these chemicals are not absorbed into the skin and ultimately into the bloodstream where they can wreak havoc.
“A study by the General Accounting Office [GAO – USA] reported that more than 125 ingredients used in cosmetics are suspected of causing cancer. Twenty cosmetic ingredients are suspected of causing birth defects. The GAO concluded that `cosmetics are being marketed in the United States which pose a serious hazard to the public.’ ” (Senator Edward Kennedy, Press Release, 5 September 1997)
“In a press release dated 7 February 2000, Samuel Epstein, MD (Professor of Environmental Medicine, University of Illinois School of Public Health, Chicago, and Chairman of the US Cancer Prevention Coalition) described perfumes as bottles of toxic chemicals. There are over 800 ingredients used in the six major perfume brands and many of them are volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals which contribute to indoor air pollution. An analysis of Calvin Klein’s Eternity commissioned by the Environmental Health Network (and published on their website) revealed 41 ingredients including some known to be toxic to the skin, respiratory tract and nervous and reproductive systems, and others known to be carcinogens.” (Kevin Farrow, Skin Deep, p.165)

Headaches and Colds

When Nature is given a chance, she will cleanse the body wonderfully, and headaches and colds will soon be maladies of the past.
In the first few days or weeks after switching to a more natural lifestyle and diet, however, we might experience a few more headaches and a few more colds than usual, but here again this is what is known as a healing crisis – it is the result of the bodies efforts to clean out long-present mucous and toxic deposits. If you have not already done so, please read about the healing crisis at this point.
Yes, contrary to what so many believe, headaches and colds are not the cruel whips of fate, or the spiteful judgments of chance – they both are caused by wrong living and eating habits, and they both “lay low” when we clean out the closets of the body and we live in such a way that our immune systems are able to repel any germ and/or virus invasion. Click on the following link to read more about germs and viruses and how we can overcome them once and for all.

Spiritual Awareness

Right living always reacts upon the body and the mind in a positive manner – and this benefit often extends into the spiritual dimension. Those who are religiously inclined will uncover a depth of understanding and insight that they will not hitherto have enjoyed, and they will be strangely charmed by an ever-deepening spiritual awareness.
This spiritual awareness can be a great for right living, for the more we are benefited by right living, the more we will want to live right. And the higher we rise in the spiritual dimension, the more we will grow to respect Nature and Nature’s foods as the handiwork of an all-wise Creator – and the more we will come to realise that much of that which falls under the banner of “food-science” today is nothing other than the taking apart of that which an omniscient God saw fit to put together.

Mental Capabilities

One of the most rewarding aspects of a natural lifestyle and diet is a substantial improvement in our thinking and reasoning processes. For as long as we continue to live and to eat right, we will usually enjoy remarkable clarity of thought. The minute we stray from Nature’s path, however, we will feel the sure result, not only in our bodies, but even in our minds.
Clarity of thought is a very positive motivation for right living. Students especially will derive great benefit from a natural diet and lifestyle.


It is my sincere prayer that you will find the motivation to start following the Nature’s Way program– one step at a time – and that you will soon be enjoying all of the benefits of right living. Never give up on your quest for health – for without health all else is pretty meaningless and pretty valueless.
From The Book
Nature’s Way
By Neville Mandy


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