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Fantastic New Eco Friendly Cleaning Range!

10 July 2015


Our team at Nature’s Choice has strived to develop a hypoallergenic and biodegradale effective household cleaning range to reduce your impact on the environment. Every ingredient was selected because of it’s biodegradability, BCI and safe green chemistry.

Our cleaning range is free from EO/PO, nitrogen, sulphate, DEA and colourants. By not including toxic chemicals or preservatives but still making use of active cleaning ingredients, you now don’t have to compromise between minimal chemical use and a healthy clean home.

We have chosen the fresh zing of natural citrus to scent their products which will leave your home smelling fresher than ever. Using our products in your home means that your family and pets will no longer be exposed to harmful environmental toxins. The new range is septic tank friendly, which means you can take it with you anywhere and know that no damage will be done  to your household waste system or the waterways.

You may think that making small changes like these will not make much of a difference but going green in your home creates a big impact on the environment around you and ensures that our planet is a healthier place to live for future generations!


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