Spiced Cauliflower & Almond SoupBy Nature's ChoiceCreate this delicious winter-warmer using the simplest ingredients, cauliflower being the star of the show. Enjoyed as a starter or main, this delicious vegan, low carb, nutrient-packed soup is a sure winner for those chilly days.
Gluten & Dairy-free Malva PuddingBy Nature's ChoiceMalva pudding is one of South Africa's favourite desserts and a go-to comfort food. Enjoy the deliciousness without worrying about your health by trying our gluten and dairy-free recipe.
Carrot Quinoa Protein MuffinsBy Nature's ChoiceCreate your own nutritious and protein-rich baked treat. These muffins are great for breakfast but can be enjoyed any time of the day.
Vegan Cashew CheeseBy Nature's ChoiceMaking your own homemade vegan cashew cheese is easier than you think. All you to do is use our special ingredients; cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, agar powder and more.
Broccoli & Lentil BowlBy Nature's ChoiceKeep warm while getting a good dose of body-healing nutrients such as improved digestion and healthy nervous system from the lentils, while the broccoli promotes a healthy hair, complexion and hair boosts your energy levels.
No-Dairy Nana Ice-CreamBy Nature's ChoiceNaturally sweet and low in kilojoules, this simple and quick treat can be enjoyed by the whole family anytime of the year, because, who needs to wait for summer to enjoy ice-cream, especially when it’s healthy? Enjoy the benefits of banana like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese. While peanut butter is known to suppress hunger, is packed with good fats and can help with prevent an array of illnesses.
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