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Flax Powder

R27.95 (Out Of Stock!)

Linseeds have a mild nutty flavour and are a convenient and easy way to add both Omega 3 EFA's & Fibre to your diet daily as part of a healthy diet. Sprinkle onto cereal or salad, mix with yogurt or use in bread making. Carefully milled, this powder forms makes it easy for the body to absorb all the essential nutrients.

Available in 350g

Ingredients: Ground flax seed (100%)

Nutrients Per 100 g Per serving
Energy (kJ) 2234 670
Protein (g) 18.3 5.5
Glyceamic Carbohydrates (g) 29 9
Total Fat (g) 42.2 12.7
of which Saturated (g) 4 1.2
of which Mono Unsaturated (g) 7.5 2.3
of which Poly Unsaturated (g) 28.7 8.6
Dietary Fibre (g) 27.3 8.2
Total Sodium (mg) 30 9

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